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Welcome back to our latest status report. The last one was nearly two months ago and many things have happened since then. In this status report we give an insight into current developments and take a closer look at the past two months.

Testing Status

The open beta test of Crypti v0.5.x is progressing fantastically, a week ago we released an intermediate version (Crypti v0.5.1), in which we already fixed many bugs. We are expecting to release the mainnet version at the end of October. It will have the version number 0.5.2.

2 Months of Incremental Improvements

The past two months have brought many new incremental improvements to the Crypti network. We released two intermediate versions: Crypti v0.3.1 and Crypti v0.3.2, which fixed some delegate bugs and blockchain synchronization issues. Version 0.3.2 also closed a memory leak, drastically reducing the memory requirements for running a Crypti node. Our tests have shown that Crypti can now run on servers with only 64MB memory. However, in order to maintain a more robust network, we still recommend setting up nodes on servers with 512MB memory, and above.

Our white paper was updated to version 2.1. The document now includes many of the recent changes made to the Crypti Dapp platform, plus certain sections have been revised for better clarity and consistency. Giving everyone who reads it, a better insight into the new Dapp plaform, and the Crypti network itself.

Until now, one of the biggest points of criticism raised against Crypti has always been the fact it wasn't open source. On the 6th October we finally made the Crypti source code public. Developers are now free to view the source code on our GitHub repository. They can also submit their own pull requests or raise issues on our issue tracker as they find them. Additionally, we have an active bug bounty program where you can earn XCR for finding important bugs.

Another effort we recently launched is our Delegate Reward Program. Where we are distributing 30,000 XCR amongst community delegates, in order to motivate more community members to become active delegates.

After many months of hard development and design work, we finally launched the open beta of Crypti v0.5.0, or as we call it Gaia. The upcoming release contains the long awaited Dapp platform which allows JavaScript developers to deploy their own decentralized applications, onto the Crypti blockchain. With our built-in Dapp Store developers can easily distribute and monetise their dapps. Crypti v0.5.0 also features other great features like M-of-N Multi-Signatures and several frontend/backend improvements. You can read more about the next big Crypti update in our introductory blog post.

We have put the latest beta client online for everyone who wants to take a quick look at the update. You can view it at: We also registered two example Dapps on the Dapp Store. The first is Encrypti, a decentralized text storage application. The second, a minimal "Twitter-like" application called decentralized Twitter.

Decentralized Application Contest

We would also like to remind everyone that the Crypti Foundation is holding a dapp contest. Where JavaScript developers can win up to 300,000 XCR for developing Crypti based dapps. As of writing this blog post, the top prize is currently worth $1000. So if you are a JavaScript developer or know someone who is. You could potentially win one of these big prizes, providing you can develop a winning dapp. For anyone requiring assistance in getting started with Crypti based dapp development, the Crypti Foundation is always here to help you, just head over to our new chat group at

Thank you very much. See you next week!

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Status Report – 20th October, 2015


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