Hello Delegates,

Attention! Crypti v0.3.2 was released! Please use the newest version. Two critical memory leaks were fixed!

Yesterday we encountered a small bug on the network which resulted in some delegates going offline. This announcement affects only delegates, regular users don't need to do anything.

The cause was a delegate vote, which caused an error through some unique voting conditions and concatenation of blockchain events. Which made it possible for the delegate voter to have 105 simultaneous delegate votes instead of 101. Even through the network was still intact the whole time, many delegates crashed.

The consequences

We have removed the bugs which produced the erroneous delegate vote. In order to prevent a hard fork shortly before our v0.5.0 release, we have decided to temporary raise the voting limit to 105. This means Crypti v0.3.1 will not break if it encounters a block in which a Crypti account voted for more than 101 delegates. However the old Crypti client v0.3.0 will break, therefore this release is a mandatory update for all delegates.

Please note there are still only 101 active delegates, and this change only affects the amount of delegates you are able to vote for.



  • Linux
  • Windows (will be released later)
  • Mac OS (will be released later)

Thank you for your patience.

The Crypti Foundation

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Crypti v0.3.1 - Intermediate Release


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