Hello Developers,

The Crypti Foundation is holding a Crypti Dapp Contest, in which Node.JS and JavaScript developers can submit Crypti based dapps, in order to win lucrative XCR prizes.

Individual members of the foundation are donating a large share of the prize. However, we strongly urge any community members to donate what they can, as a bigger prize fund will lead to much higher quality submissions.

Contest Fund: 7143304632787156641C (currently 1,000,000 XCR ~ $4000)


The Dapp Contest will run for 8 16 weeks. That means until the 8th December 2015 8th February 2016. Which should allow sufficient time for the competition to run within the Crypto-currency, Node.js and JavaScript communities. We are therefore, looking for high quality dapps that will showcase what the Crypti Dapps Platform is capable of achieving. When the Dapp Contest ends, we will give the community 2 weeks to vote for their favorite dapps. The foundation will announce the winners on the 22nd December 2015 22th February 2016.

The funds are held at the following Crypti address: 7143304632787156641C, any community members are encouraged to donate what they can.

UPDATE: We prolonged the contest, get all information here.


  • The dapp must be a Crypti based dapp only.
  • The dapp must be open sourced at the end of the contest.
  • The dapp must be written and owned by the developer themselves.
  • Each submission must be provided, along with a valid Crypti address, before the end of the contest.

Winning Categories

The winning categories can be found below. The percentages shown, represent the proportion of the final collected prize fund the individual prize winner can expect to receive. It is therefore, only possible to collect one prize per submission. If one developer happens to win twice, they will receive the higher prize. With the next winning developer receiving the next prize down, and so on. In the situation where one developer submits two dapps, and they both win independently, then that developer will be eligible to receive both prizes.

Community’s choice

The community will vote for 3 dapps thought to be the best overall.

  • First Prize: 25%
  • Second Prize: 10%
  • Third Prize: 5%

Foundation’s choice

The foundation will vote for 3 dapps thought to be the best overall.

  • First Prize: 30%
  • Second Prize: 20%
  • Third Prize: 10%

Dapp Resources

All necessary information about dapp development can be found on the following GitHub pages:

Even more information can be found on:

If you have any further questions regarding our Dapp Contest. Please post them at our Dapp Store thread on BTT.

Let's get some Crypti dapps on the Dapp Store!

Thank you very much,

The Crypti Foundation

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