Hello Testers,

Today marks the beginning of the open testing period for Gaia, also known as Crypti v0.5.0.

This blog post collects all the information you need to thoroughly test Crypti v0.5.0 during this period. If you think something is missing, please contact us and we will add it as soon as possible. In the case you need testnet XCR for the Foundation's testnet, please ask!

Attention! Please note that Gaia is an early beta release! You will encounter quite a few items that are not working properly or are missing. We are working constantly on Crypti and improve it every day.



Dapp Testing

Development Tools


Crypti-cli is a command line tool which allows you to easily create your own local Crypti testnet and deploy your dapp there. Our dapp documentation explains how to install and use it.

Crypti Toolkit

The Crypti Dapp Toolkit provides you with pre-written code templates which you can utilize for your own dapps. By using our toolkit, you won't have to code all the components of your dapp from scratch, but instead rely on our existing implementations. More information can be found in our Introduction to Dapp Toolkit tutorial.


To ensure testing is both rigorous and worthwhile. Here are some example test cases from which further testing is now required:

Frontend Tests

  • Graphical User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Design related issues
  • General feedback

If you want to test the graphical user interface, user experience and design related issues, we recommend you to access our online testnet client, as this way you don't need to download anything. We also recommend using the online testnet client if you just want to take a look at the new features, without really testing anything.

Backend Tests

  • API
  • Edge cases
  • Benchmarks
  • Stress tests

If you are more interested in testing the backend of our client, as in the API. Then all you need to do is to download Crypti v0.5.0 and install it on a Linux or Mac OS machine.

Although we already have an extensive test suite of automated API tests in place. The API still requires testing to check if the API calls are functioning and performing as they should.

Dapp Tests

  • Dapp Store
  • Dapps API
  • Registering, Installing, Starting dapps
  • Crypti-cli
  • Dapp Toolkit

This is by far the most important category to test. Here you can help us by setting up your development environment, creating your own testnet with crypti-cli and launching your first decentralized applications.

It would also be worthwhile checking through the full compliment of our dapp API calls, and studying our extensive dapp documentation to learn more about Crypti based dapps, and also how to develop your own.

Multi-signature Tests

  • M-of-N signatures
  • Creating multi-signatures
  • Sending and approving transactions

For startups and groups this is an important feature, so let's make it production ready. Create your own multi-signature account and send some transactions around. Right now it's not possible to edit the multi-signature account, so please be aware of that.


In the coming week the foundation will announce several bounties. A link to them will be inserted here. Please also keep an eye on our Bounties Forum.

Crypti Updates
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Crypti v0.5.0 Open Beta Test


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