Hello Everyone,

Starting today, the latest Crypti core is now open source! For quite some time now, the issue of opening the source has been one of the biggest talking points within the Crypti Foundation. After listening to the many opinions voiced within the community. We are therefore happy to announce, the long overdue step of opening the source has been finally made.

You can view and download the sources from GitHub at our crypti-sources repository. There you can also find instructions on how to install Crypti directly from source.

Bug Bounties

In order to guarantee a working code-base, we are introducing a Bug Bounty Program. Where payouts will be made in XCR to programmers and white hat hackers, who can find bugs in our source code. Any user interface bugs discovered will not be rewarded.

Similar to the Delegate Reward Program, the bounties are being allocated to a special fund. The Foundation is initially donating 100,000 XCR from its reserves. The Community is welcome to donate any additional XCR. Therefore, please send all donations to: 4194330302034884028C

We classify bugs into four distinct categories; Critical, High, Medium and Low. Depending in which category a bug falls into, and how much XCR is left remaining in the fund, the bug finder can receive the following sums:

  • Critical: ≥25,000 XCR
  • High: ≥15,000 XCR
  • Medium: ≥5,000 XCR
  • Low: <5,000 XCR. No payout guaranteed.

In order to substantiate eligibility for a bounty reward, bug finders are required to provide evidence of any bugs found; using either a log file, stack trace, video, screenshot or description.

Bug bounties are awarded on a on a first come, first served basis. If a bounty for a specific bug has already been awarded. The bug finder will not be eligible for any reward.

The value of XCR is subject to constant change and rapid price fluctuations. The Foundation, therefore reserves the right, to change the sum of any bounty, without giving any prior notice.

Thank you very much.

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Crypti is now Open Source!


The Foundation is proud to have Lisk continuing the Crypti vision.

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