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Welcome back to our latest status report. The last one gave a big overview of the incremental improvements we've made in the last 2 months. In this status report we give an updated insight into current developments, announce the distribution of delegate rewards and remind you of the decentralized application contest.

Testing Status

Over the past week we once again fixed many backend and frontend bugs. We are therefore closing in on the release of Crypti v0.5.2, but can't give an exact date at this moment. As we are handling a very complex release, there might occur some unforeseen issues. But for now Crypti v0.5.2 is still expected this week.

Delegate Rewards

This month we started a delegate reward programm to give further incentive to our community delegates. Boris and Max donated the first XCR to the fund, we hope that you will donate as well. Every month we intend to distribute 30,000 XCR amongst all active community delegates.

Delegate Fund: 17217878916433476958C

This months payouts go to:

Please note that the delegate landgraf.paul is from one of our developers. But seeing as he isn't a foundation member we have counted him as a community delegate. The current delegate on rank 101 starik69 hasn't come online yet, therefore he will be excluded from this months payouts. We hope he will be eligible for a payout next month!

Decentralized Application Contest

We would also like to remind everyone that the Crypti Foundation is holding a dapp contest. Where JavaScript developers can win up to 300,000 XCR for developing Crypti based dapps. As of writing this blog post, the top prize is currently worth $1000. So if you are a JavaScript developer or know someone who is. You could potentially win one of these big prizes, providing you can develop a winning dapp. For anyone requiring assistance in getting started with Crypti based dapp development, the Crypti Foundation is always here to help you, just head over to our new chat group at

Thank you very much. See you next week!

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Status Report – 27th October, 2015


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