Welcome Javascript and Node.JS coders to our first Developer Report on the Crypti Blog. In this series you will get some insight into our recent developments and Crypti dapp tools. The developer reports have no regular release intervals, so we publish a new one once we have some interesting topics to write on.

New Features in Crypti v0.5.0

Our next big update v0.5.0 has many huge features. Besides various speed improvements and bug fixes, we will introduce decentralized applications (dapps). As we've already written quite a bit about our dapp platform already, be sure to take a look at the blog posts and videos below to learn more about it.

Our Whitepaper 2.0 (EN, CN, FR) provides much more information regarding our dapp platform. Alternatively you can come to our Slack Channel and ask any questions you may have.

Today we want to show you two other features we prepared for the next version. Let's start with multi-signature, which makes your account (besides our unique 2nd passphrase system) of magnitudes more secure.

Our blog post An Introduction to our Multi-Signature Implementation gives a very detailed overview of the system we have implemented.

Once your account is connected to a multi-signature account, a new navigation entry named "Multi-Signature" will become visible. The inter-connected multi-signature accounts are called a "multi-signature group". If you click on the "Multi-Signature" navigation entry you have an overview of all multi-signature groups you belong to and the latest multi-signature transactions, which might still need your confirmation or not.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words”, so checkout the below screenshot:

Crypti's Multi-Signature Page

Another neat feature we are introducing with v0.5.0 are the loading bars. The Crypti client (previously called Crypti Lite) for our regular users relies on the full nodes of the network. Sometimes it can happen that these full nodes are slow or have considerable lag. Until now there was no visual feedback that the client is performing your request. This changes with the loading bars, they appear on every action you do within the client (e.g. sending XCR, loading a child page, viewing a Crypti profile or voting for Crypti delegates).

In the below video you can see for yourself how it looks right now. The appearance might change a little bit in the future.

Of course you will also want to know how far along all these awesome features are. Dozens of speed improvements and bug fixes are implemented today, the loading bars are working fantastic. The backend of the dapp store and multi-signature is done as well, it all needs to be tested more though (soon with your help in our open beta!). The dapp store and multi-signature user interfaces need some refinements before they are ready for the open beta. We also need to work on the descriptions within the client. Plus our Documentation section on the Crypti website will also need more work before it is production ready.

The start of the open beta is scheduled for this month.

Crypti Toolkit

The Crypti Toolkit will make it very easy for Node.JS and JavaScript developers to create dapps on top of Crypti. You can compare it to a framework or a set of libraries.

It provides you with pre-written code templates which you can utilize for your own dapps. With the Crypti Toolkit you don't have to code all components of your dapp from scratch, instead you can rely on our implementations. Some of these components may be:

  • side chain
  • block generation
  • syncing
  • deposits (to your side chain)
  • withdrawals (from your side chain)

We want Crypti dapp developers to be able to concentrate on their unique dapp code. Developing dapps with Crypti should be as easy as possible and the Crypti Toolkit will help enormously!

The Crypti Toolkit is production ready today, and once the public beta is released you will be able to use it. In the coming months we will enhance it step-by-step to make it even more useful.

Crypti CLI

Another useful tool for developers will be Crypti CLI. With this tool you can easily create your own local Crypti testnet and deploy your dapp on it. It's terminal based and an example for a command is: crypti-cli dapp --add. There are several more commands, which you will find in our Documentation section once we finish the writing the content.

Depending on the command you use it will guide you through several steps, below you can see the steps for the already mentioned command.

The initial version of the Crypti CLI is finished, through we still need to test a few things.

We hope you like the new features in v0.5.0 and our development tools for our dapp platform.

See you next week!

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Developer Report - 15th September, 2015


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