Hello Community,

We are very excited to show you the first preview of our forthcoming Decentralized Application (Dapp) platform. For this special moment we have prepared a YouTube video, which guides you through the necessary steps to deploy and launch your dapp onto Crypti's Dapp Store.

Please note that the user interface is an early version and will go through several quality assurance cycles before we release it.

The video will guide you through the following four steps:

1.) Upload

The dapp needs to be stored at a safe location, in order for the Crypti backend to download the files when the user installs the dapp.

For this you will have multiple options available, centralized and decentralized. In this preview we used the first decentralized option which will be available, namely the decentralized cloud storage platform Sia. To ensure the very best level of integration, we have officially entered into a partnership with SIA. (Read: Crypti Announces a Partnership with Sia as a Premium Dapp Storage Partner)

2.) Register

After you have uploaded the dapp, you need to register it on the Crypti blockchain. This happens directly within the client, with a simple step-by-step modal. The registration will make your dapp known collectively to the Crypti network and the Dapp Store, and also make it possible for users to install it.

3.) Install

The dapp deployment is now finished. All Crypti users can now install and launch your dapp. They do this by navigating to your dapp on Crypti's Dapp Store and clicking on the Install button.

During the installation, the backend downloads the files from the chosen storage solution to your computer.

4.) Launch

After you have installed the dapp, you can launch it with a simple click on the Launch button. The dapp will launch in a new window and is executed within an isolated environment (i.e. in a sandbox). This ensures, that the dapp can not execute any harmful operations.

We are confident that once you have watched our video, you will have a much clearer understanding of our decentralized application platform.

Please share the video among your friends and colleagues. We appreciate all feedback, so please leave your thoughts at: forum or BitcoinTalk thread.

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First Video Preview of our Decentralized Applications Platform and Sia Decentralized Storage


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