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today we publish the long awaited white paper v2.0 for Crypti. This is a huge milestone for interested developers and users who want to know more about the Crypti backend.

In the white paper we give you a short introduction into Crypti; what it is, the technical background and key innovation factors. We summarize the different clients available, like mobile and lite client. After this we shortly explain the consensus system and Crypti's core features.

The biggest part of the white paper is the decentralized application (dapp) chapter. It cover everything you can imagine; like the dapp consensus, dapp development, dapp tokens, dapp storage, security mechanisms and much more.

The white paper is targeted at interested developers and regular users. We wanted to describe everything as easy as possible, so that everyone understands it. Even if you are not a technical user, you can understand it. We heavily recommend to read it.

You can read it online or download it at the following link:

The white paper is not finished per se, if you have any suggestions or improvement proposals, you can submit them in this google document. We thank you for any suggestion.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • What is Crypti
    • Technical Background
    • Key Innovation Factors
    • Crypti Components
  • Clients
    • Full Client
    • Lite Client
    • Mobile Client
  • Consensus
    • Delegates
    • Network fees
    • Peer-to-Peer
  • Core Features
    • Usernames
    • Contacts
    • Multi-signatures
  • Decentralized Applications
    • Virtual Machine
    • Dapps
    • Dapp Development
    • Dapps Computation
    • Dapps Consensus
    • Dapps Master Nodes
    • Dapps Storage
    • Dapps Deposit / Withdrawals
    • Dapps Tokens
  • Sources
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Crypti White Paper v2.0


The Foundation is proud to have Lisk continuing the Crypti vision.

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