Hello Everyone,

With a delay of one day, we welcome you to this weeks Crypti status update. Today we want to discuss the next steps the Crypti Foundation is planning, show you our new roadmap, and announce the extension of the Crypti Dapp Contest.

The next steps

Immediately after the Gaia release, the Crypti Foundation started to plan the next steps on our development roadmap. Crypti is far from being a finished product, so there are many important issues which need to be attended to.

Our first priority is to release a new version of the Crypti lite client. We will therefore upload a new version in the next few days. Initially, it won't include support for the Dapp Store, but this feature will be added in a subsequent release.

Please note, existing users of the old lite client will encounter the following message:

"Searching for the best peer available. This process can take a moment."

For the time being. Please either use our SSL encrypted wallet, available at:, or install the Delegate & Developer Edition. As soon as we are ready to release the updated lite client, we will post another community update.

Our second priority is to make further backend improvements to the Crypti client. These include the ability for developers to update dapps, which is currently not possible. Plus a new feature called "Quick Launch", which will remove the need to load the blockchain, upon launching the Crypti: Delegate & Developer Edition.



  • Lite Client for Windows/Mac OSX (without Dapp Store)
  • Responsive Client Design
  • UI Cleanup (fixing some smaller issues we found)


  • Quick Launch
  • Dapp Updates

Once these features are implemented, we will work on multi-language support, plus more dapp features.

Crypti Dapp Contest

Several members from our community have raised the issue of extending the timeframe of the Crypti Dapp Contest. As a result, we have decided to prolong the dapp contest for another two months. This should give developers enough time to get comfortable with the new platform, and also work on their submissions for the contest.

The new submission deadline is: 8th February 2016. Please ensure all submissions are sent to us, on or before this date.

Thank you very much.

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The Way Forward - Updated Roadmap and Dapp Contest Dates


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