Hello Everyone,

It was a busy week for the whole Crypti team. We pushed Crypti Mobile to Apple's App Store, had good progress with our decentralized application code, and started development of our first decentralized application (dapp) which will soon run on Crypti.

Crypti Mobile

A few days ago we sent Crypti Mobile, the Crypti client for smartphones, to Apple's App Store. We haven't sent the final client with all features yet, just a basic version with minimal functionality. We did so, because the initial approval of Apple usually takes a few weeks, while Apple only needs a few days for an app update. In the meantime we are further developing the app in preparation for an official release.

Below you can see some screenshots of the app.

Dapp Platform

Step-by-step we come closer to the open beta of our dapp platform. Leaving us optimistic that we can start it within the next few weeks. Hopefully you will all help test it, so we can ensure a bug-free launch.

Furthermore, as an incentive to provide us with valuable feedback. We will pay out several bounties and reward anyone who helps us significantly with the testing.

Crypti's First Dapp

We plan to have a handful of example dapps ready at launch, so that developers see what is possible with Crypti's dapp platform. The first of which will be Encrypti that will allow you to store encrypted text files on the side chain of the dapp.

Below you can see the user interface of the dapp. Please remember that it's still work-in-progress and will probably look slightly different at launch.

After we have launched a few example dapps, we will make more sophisticated ones.

If you have an interesting dapp idea and think that we should definitely make it, then please come to our slack channel and tell us about it!

Thank you for your time!

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Status Report - 25th August, 2015


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