The Crypti Foundation hereby proudly announces the release of v0.5.2, code named: Gaia. It is our most enormous release yet, featuring decentralized applications, dapp store, multi-signature, UI enhancements, plus numerous speed improvements and bug fixes.

For an elaborate explanation of all the new features, please read our blog post: An Introduction to Gaia.


  • Decentralized Applications (dapps)
    • Crypti now supports the development of JavaScript based decentralized applications, each with their own unique sidechain: Dapps Documentation.
  • Dapp Store
    • The official Crypti Dapp Store is now open. Users can browse, search and install dapps directly from within the Crypti client. Developers can publish dapps within the optimum of ease.
  • Multi-Signature
    • Users can now secure their Crypti accounts using multi-signatures, bringing much higher levels of security to individual Crypti accounts.
  • UI Improvements
    • Loading bars
    • Improved background loading
    • Major speed improvements everywhere
    • Some sections now look more clear
  • Bug fixes

Version Number

We are releasing Gaia as v0.5.2, because we had an intermediate beta release (v0.5.1) while running the beta test. To remove any confusion, Gaia now has the release number v0.5.2.


Today we are releasing the Linux build of the Delegate and Developer Edition. Please note, the Linux version is currently restricted to: Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) - 64 bit.

An updated Lite Client for Windows and Mac OS, plus a native build of the Delegate and Developer Edition for Mac OS will be released in the coming days.

With the release of Gaia, we are also making our dapp development tools available to the public. You can download them from our Download page.

To all delegates: This update is mandatory! You need to update your nodes as soon as possible! Thank you.

The Docker container is the quickest and therefore recommended method for installing Crypti - Delegate and Developer Edition. Windows and Mac OS users can also use the Docker container to install the Ubuntu Linux version within a virtual machine.

For installations instructions please read our: Documentation.

Decentralized Application Contest

We would also like to remind everyone that the Crypti Foundation is holding a dapp contest. Where JavaScript developers can win up to 300,000 XCR for developing Crypti based dapps. As of writing this blog post, the top prize is currently worth $1000. So if you are a JavaScript developer or know someone who is. You could potentially win one of these big prizes, providing you can develop a winning dapp. For anyone requiring assistance in getting started with Crypti based dapp development, the Crypti Foundation is always here to help you, just head over to our new chat group at

Have fun with the dapps! Thank you very much. See you next week!

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Crypti v0.5.2 - Gaia


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