Hello Community,

After the release of Crypti Full v0.3.0 alias Aphrodite last month we can finally push the Lite client to you today!

It took a little longer than expected, but it's worth it. The Lite client features the same completely revamped user interface and of course also offers the username and contacts functionalities.

From now on the Lite client is based on Electron instead of NW.js. This will bring some speed improvements and a better stability to you, and a much better (and easier) developer experience for us!

Crypti Lite vs. Crypti Full

The Crypti network is using DPoS as its consensus system, that means there is a total of 101 nodes taking care of the block generation and network protection. Every additional node, not in the top 101 of voted delegates, offers an additional download source for the blockchain. It doesn't increase the consensus or protect the network.

Therefore it's possible for our regular users to run a slim version of the client, namely Crypti Lite.

Crypti Lite doesn't download the blockchain, it connects to one of the Full nodes in the network. This way you can access your Crypti account only seconds after you downloaded the Lite client.

Security wise it's 100% safe to use Crypti Lite. The signing and encryption all takes place locally, that means your pass phrase will never be transferred through the network.

Known Issues

  • There are 1-2 testing nodes from us running the latest v0.3.1 internal testing version. If you connect to it (you see it in the Dashboard) you need to restart the client. Else the user interface might not work.

  • The user interface can be very laggy or responds very slow. You should restart the client at that point and try it again.

We hope you like it and if you encounter any problems just come to our forums. We will help you with any issues you have!

See you next week.

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Crypti Lite v0.3.0 Release!


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