The Crypti Foundation hereby proudly announces the release of v0.3.0, codename: Aphrodite. It's the second major release, with the first one being v0.2.0 alias Chronos.

With Aphrodite comes a complete new user interface and many awesome new features. This delivers an unparalleled user experience and we hope that you like this release as much as we do!

One of the new features are usernames, which acts like an alias for your Crypti address. Long and confusing Crypti addresses are history. Additionally you can now add contacts to your Crypti account, which are saved on the blockchain. Where ever you go, you can now send XCR with a few simple clicks to your friends.


  • Revamped the complete user interface and user experience
    • It follows the material design guidelines.
    • Will be expanded and enhanced from time-to-time, with every coming release.
  • SSL support for your public node
    • This makes it secure for the users to use public nodes.
    • You should never use any public node, which doesn't have a https connection.
  • Usernames
    • You can now register your very own username, which also acts as an alias for your account ID.
    • I.e. you can send money to "Max" instead of "6739239032906543334C".
    • Usernames are unique and can't be changed right now.
  • Contacts
    • The contacts are saved on the blockchain.
    • This allows you to access contacts from everywhere and any device.
    • If both parties are connected, there is a friendship-like connection then, which can be used for account verification/trust/reputation.
  • Version Control
    • Auto detection of a newer Crypti client version with a link to the newest download.


Today we only release the full client, as the lite client still needs some more work. It downloads the whole blockchain, so prepare some space for it.

Attention! Already with v0.2.0 there were issues with forging on Windows operation systems, the problem was that the Windows time servers were very unreliable and inaccurate. Therefore you will not be able to run a delegate on a Windows operation system anymore. Additionally we also deactivated this functionality on Mac OS, as it's not very practical to run a delegate from a Mac. That means you have to use Linux nodes from now on.

To all delegates: This update is mandatory! You have to update your nodes as soon as possible! Thank you.

Have fun!

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Crypti v0.3.0 - Aphrodite


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