Version 0.1.8 is now released. Please update your nodes ASAP. This version is an interim update that contains some of the optimizations we have been working on while we make our way to a complete re-write of the code with a new database structure.

The next version, 0.1.9, will contain the fully optimized re-write and is a ten-fold performance increase in regards to load times, performance, and requires much less RAM and system resources to run. Version 0.1.9 should enter testing in the very near future.

Release Notes (Ver. 0.1.8)

  • Disabled companies in preparation for the DPOS solution
  • Changed blockchain structure to include speed optimizations. We have increased performance but continue to work on this.
  • Improved node file loading time (blockchain.db)
  • Fixed asynchronous bugs in code
  • Improved session logging by moving old logs to logs.old file after node restart
  • Prepared loading labels in UI for long queries
  • Fixed bug with paste amount in send crypti window

Known Bugs:

  • Creating a new company is disabled in the current build. This feature will be re-enabled when our long term DPOS build is completed.
  • Able to type in invalid amounts in XCR amount field. This is being worked for the next release.




Current Block Chain Download:

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Version 0.1.8 Release Notes


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