Changes in the release

  • Changed to the new reduced PoT temporary solution
  • Fixed bugs with the syncing process
  • Added protocol versioning to prevent older clients causing issues with the network when trying to sync
  • Changed to a faster synchronization algorithm
  • Integrated with Webkit for a true Windows application experience
  • Fixed transactions in the Webkit modal window and added scrolling
  • Fixed an issue sending small XCR amounts via the UI


  • The new windows installer is currently not compatible with Windows XP. It is fully functional with either Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

  • The Windows client will download the block chain snapshot during the installation. This will save save re-downloading the whole block chain first time it starts, however it will re-sync the blockchain on start every time. This is a normal behavior.

  • The Windows wallet requires that your PCs clock be set to a valid time server and be accurate within the same minute as the Crypti blockchain. This is part of a protective measure to ensure that no past or future transactions can be used to spam the network with an invalid requests.

  • In the new system, you still need a client with your passphrase loaded and 1000 XCR to forge. Your client will try to win each block and may initially display that it has won. The network will then come to a consensus, announce the correct forger to nodes, and have the winner updated in your ledger. This means it may look like you won a block, however once the the block confirmed, it will update the winning node. This is also a normal behavior.

  • The algorithm for the new reduced PoT system ensures that any node that is active and meets the requirements to forge, will be eligible to win a block. The winner then is selected randomly from the active nodes. We will monitor this with more active nodes joining the network to see how equitable the forging is and how often specific nodes are forging in relation to others. We have already taken some steps to ensure a fair win chance, and we will continue to tweak and monitor this.

Those are all of the updates we have for this version release. If you notice any bugs or unusual behavior, please let us know through the BitcoinTalk forums, by commenting here, or in our IRC channel at #CryptiTalk.


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v0.1.7 Change-Log


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