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today I explain in simple words how our dapp platform will work. I also want to cover the latest developments and achievements at the Crypti Foundation. The last week was one of the most successful weeks for Crypti, proven by our visitor statistics.

Crypti's Dapp Platform Explained

We wrote the white paper for the layman, but the majority will probably not read it as it's over 10 pages long. I created a blog post to explain our dapp platform in short and precise words. I hope with it you will understand why we are so excited about it. Feel free to share it.

Go to: Crypti's Dapp Platform Explained

Recent Developments

We are working hard on several things right now. Below you can find a summary.

  • v0.3.1

This version will bring you some API bug fixes, because they sometimes respond slow right now. The testing takes longer than usually, because we wrote dozens of automated test routines from scratch. This will make the testing for trivial stuff much faster in the future. We expect v0.3.1 to release next week.

  • Lite client

Right now we have many construction sites at once, therefore the lite client takes it time. We just released a new version of it within the foundation to throughout test it. I can't specify an exact release date for it right now. It can be next week or the week after.

  • Mobile client

We are making good progress on the responsive design and the apps itself. We will submit a rather basic app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store first. Once they are approved we will release an update for them with the missing features. We expect to submit the apps within the next few weeks to the stores.

  • Dapps

Our frontend developer Vera is working on the dapp store user interface as we speak, next to the lite and mobile client. On the backend we are also making great progress. It's now possible to register, installing and starting a basic dapp without much functionalities. There are still many things missing and it will take some time before the release. Once we are ready we will go into an extended open beta phase with many bounties, to ensure a quality release. After all the Dapp Store will write history.

White Paper

Last week we published our white paper v2.0, which describes our decentralized applications (dapps) platform in detail. It was received very good by the community. We had the most views on our blog since ever, the interest is catching up.

Thanks to our Crypti Correspondents we already translated the white paper into Chinese. French, Italian and German coming soon. If you want to translate the white paper into your language you can always contact me: max [at]

BitcoinTalk Threads

Also thanks to our Crypti Correspondents we can now offer our forum thread in Chinese, French and Italian. German comes soon.

You talk one of those languages? Then you are always welcomed at the threads to talk a bit about Crypti. Ask questions or spread the word about Crypti within your local community.

If you want to translate the thread into your language you can always contact me: max [at]

New Web Wallet available

Our tool developer Olivier just launched an alternative to our web wallet,, as it may get slow when many users are accessing it.

His web wallet is called It also offers a secure https connection and we recommend it as the official second choice.

ATTENTION! Only use trusted web wallets with an active https connection. Else you risk getting your passphrase stolen. Also please be aware that you can't reset your 2nd passphrase, it acts just like your 1st. So please keep both at a safe location!

That's it already for this week. See you next week!

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