Hello Community Members,

With this status report we want to bring a bit of light to the current developments. We hope that this makes our efforts and vision more clear to you.

Open Beta

The open beta testing is going very good. We fixed many backend / frontend bugs already since last week and the design itself already got fixed at many ends. We also did a big push on the stability of the Crypti client, to enhance it even more. From here on we want to further test everything, to ensure a quality release in about 2 weeks. We invest a significant time and effort in testing Crypti, as a preparation for the most important stage of Crypti, the dapp platform.

If you are interested in what we are testing at every single update, the following table gives an overview of some of the sanity tests our Quality Assurance team usually performs. After these more detailed tests are made.

  • Full API testing
    • API white listing
    • "No tests" (Invalid requests)
  • Full UI testing on IE, Chrome, FF
  • Double Spending
    • Transactions
    • Voting
    • Delegate Registration
    • 2nd Password
    • Usernames (since v0.3.0)
  • Installation process
  • Syncing testing
  • RAM and CPU usage
  • TX spamming with random amounts
  • Node port changing
  • Forging
    • Correct amounts?
    • General Forging
    • Enable/Disable in UI
    • Enable via config file
  • Delegate parameters
    • Voting
    • Uptime
  • Data validation (e.g. if I send 1234.123456 XCR, is all data in the blockchain entry valid?)
  • Node start/Restart/Hard Reset
  • Blockchain rollbacks
  • DOS tests

If you ask yourself, why we take such length to the testing. Crypti is a financial platform and we are serious about our users and service. Financial platforms have to work flawlessly, because money is involved!

We also want to thank the community for testing the new web version. You can further test it on Sometimes it may be offline, then we are pushing an updated version to the server. Just try it a few hours later then. You can always ask me (Max) for testnet XCR.


When our team is not developing, testing, tweaking the client, taking care of the community, working on dapps or having team meetings; then we are writing the white paper. We expect to finish it in the next 2 weeks.

The whitepaper covers alternatives to Crypti, explains Crypti custom chains, dapp functionalities (like JS scripts or tokens) and much more. We hope to deliver a great package with much content, so you are up-to-date to our recent, ongoing and future developments.


Our bounty campaign goes on. For every user experience report in our Suggestion Box at the Crypti forum, we will pay a XCR bounty. So please write us your opinion and let us know if something is not working at the Bugs forum.

That's it already for the week. We hope that it was interesting to look a bit behind the curtains of Crypti and that this status report brought a bit more light to our developments.

Thank you very much, see you next week!

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Status Report - 5th June, 2015


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