Hello Community Members,

it is a wonderful Friday, because we have something gorgeous to show you today. What other comes into your mind, if we talk about gorgeous and Crypti than the awesome new user interface. We will start the open beta test of the new user interface today.

The open beta will take place on our testnet, which you can access on You can play around, test the new features and make yourself an opinion of our new user interface. Next week we will also release the full Crypti client for testing, so you can check the backend stuff as well. For now, we want to concentrate on user interface and design issues.

We want to emphasize that it is an early release, we just wanted to show you something after we have worked so long on it. Please do not see the current state as the final version, there is still much work to do. We know it and we will take care of the bugs, visual errors and missing features in the coming weeks.

What is new in this version?

  • Revamped the complete user interface and user experience
    • It follows the material design guidelines.
    • Will be expanded and enhanced from time-to-time, with every coming release.
  • SSL support for your public node
    • This makes it secure for the users to use public nodes.
    • You should never use any public node, which doesn't have a https connection.
  • Usernames
    • You can now register your very own username, which also acts as an alias for your account ID.
    • I.e. you can send money to "Max" instead of "6739239032906543334C".
    • Usernames are unique and can't be changed right now.
  • Contacts
    • The contacts are saved on the blockchain.
    • This allows you to access contacts from everywhere and any device.
    • If both parties are connected, there is a friendship-like connection then, which can be used for account verification/trust/reputation.
  • Version Control
    • Auto detection of a newer Crypti client version with a link to the newest download.


Yes, there is a way to earn some XCR for free here! We want to achieve the best user experience possible, we want to open up a new milestone in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Therefore we will offer a few thousand XCR for everyone, who will write a nice user experience report on our user interface. A few questions you might answer, are:

  • What was easy to understand?
  • What was hard to understand?
  • What do you think is really beautifully done?
  • Where does it need some more work?
  • What is your overall opinion?
  • What was your first opinion you saw it?

We will pay for quality, so please post some nice ones. You can post your reports in our Suggestion Box on our official forum.

When we release the Windows&OSX client for v0.3.0, we will also start a bug hunting bounty campaign. Stay tuned for it.

If you find some bugs already and don't care about bounties, please submit them to our Bugs forum.

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Open Beta Test - v0.3.0


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