Hello Crypti Followers and Beta Testers,

The long awaited day is near. We are finally ready to let you all take a look at our beloved Crypti v0.5.0, or as we call it Gaia.

Tomorrow we start the open beta phase. Where everyone will have the opportunity to test the many awesome new features we will be introducing with this update.

We chose Gaia as a name because in Greek mythology she was the creator of the Earth and all the Universe. As the Mother of all, she is responsible for the human race and the beginning of everything.

On a slightly smaller scale, the same applies to Crypti v0.5.0. Which introduces decentralized applications to Crypti, and opens the way to a very exciting future.

We are looking forward to a highly active beta phase, and will post much more information tomorrow.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!

The Crypti Foundation

Crypti Updates
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Gaia has Arrived. Crypti v0.5.0 Open Beta Starts Tomorrow!


The Foundation is proud to have Lisk continuing the Crypti vision.

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