We know that the Crypti community is anxiously awaiting the beginning of XCR pre-trading. We have been hard at work with BTER ensuring all accounts were properly credited with XCR amounts equal to what was presented in the Ledger. That process is now complete and we are ready to officially announce the details of the start of the pre-trading.

The over-cap refunds processing will commence shortly, and will be completed before the early trading start.

Maxmint buyers can transfer their stakes anytime to Bter, in order to participate in the pre-trading. They should take into account that Maxmint will require some time to facilitate the process and to ensure that the amounts are properly credited to the BTER account of the buyer. In order to transfer their stakes, Maxmint buyers should open an account on Bter and contact Crypti and Maxmint with following message in the PM:

-----BEGIN BITCOIN SIGNED MESSAGE----- I hereby confirm that I choose to transfer my bought Crypti stake to my Bter account. My Bter account ID is [your Bter account ID here], my Bitcoin address is [your Bitcoin address here]. The transaction ID for my investment to Maxmint's escrow address is [your TX ID here]. I request Maxmint to send all my invested Bitcoins (minus the 1% fee) to this address owned by Bter: 15neNDJJW8pxiJEXh4kyRKUVXprxqezPw6. Bter will then credit me Crypti stake on my account.
I will no longer be bound to the escrow agreement by Maxmint (located at and I also confirm that Maxint will no longer be bound to this escrow agreement.
-----BEGIN SIGNATURE----- [the message signature here] -----END BITCOIN SIGNED MESSAGE-----

As previously mentioned, you will still be unable to withdraw or deposit to XCR until the official launch of the main net on August 10th. We are hard at work finalizing the details and testing of the node functionality and are on schedule to have a successful and on time launch.

For reference, the details of the launch of trading are as follows:

When: 01 August 2014 @ 12:00 UTC
Where: BTER - Crypto-Currency Exchange
Who: All the buyers who have participated in the pre-sale

Thank you all for your continued support of Crypti and the Crypti Development Team! We are really excited to allow the opportunity for early trading and the launch of our network on August 10th!

The Crypti Development Team,
SyRenity, Boris, A.M., Bitseed, & GreXX

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Early trade start announcement


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