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Welcome back to our weekly blog post! As always, we raise important matters and cover the recent updates to the Crypti ecosystem. This week, we want to announce our Delegate crowdfunding, and the Chinese version of our new Lite Client.

Delegate Crowdfunding

As of today, the Crypti Foundation still controls the majority the 101 elected delegates. In an ideal situation, most of these delegates would be operated by members of the community. However, despite our continuous efforts to recruit new community elected delegates, with our Delegate Reward Program, or the Refund of Delegate Registration Fees, the situation remains largely unchanged.

We are therefore asking the Crypti community for help. If you are a member of the Crypti community, you can help in the following ways:

  1. Donate to our Delegate Crowdfund, and the funds will be used to help pay for the Foundation controlled delegates.
  2. Register as a Delegate, ask the community to vote for you, and secure the network yourself.

Our crowd fund target is $300. This will guarantee the Foundation controlled delegates will remain online until the 30th June, 2016. On the 31th May, 2016 we will start another crowdfunding for the remaining 6 months of the year.

Due to the current low exchange volume and in order to protect the current XCR/BTC price, donations are being accepted in Bitcoin only. Therefore, please make all donations to the following Bitcoin address: 17RcZDCnsdUddnATnURFoV41fjmVpd7z8K

If you have any questions or special requests (e.g. to donate USD/EUR via a bank transfer), please contact Max at the Crypti Foundation.

Chinese Lite Client

The Chinese cryptocurrency community has always played a big role in the success of individual altcoins. As a consequence of this, the Crypti Foundation has worked closely with Luiz Chen, Crypti's Chinese correspondent, to bring the Crypti Lite Client to the Chinese community. We believe the newly translated Lite Client, will help foster adoption, and encourage the Chinese community to become more actively involved.

Versions for Windows and Mac OSX are available for download using the following links:

If you are from China and want to know more about Crypti, feel free to join our QQ group: 162437561

Thank you very much!

The Crypti Foundation

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Delegate Crowdfunding & Chinese Lite Client


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