Due to legal issues at Coronas side, they couldn't start the fundraiser for their platform. However, they continue their journey in the dapp space and we wish them the best success possible. For more information, check out their thread. Thank you.

San Francisco, CA May 25, 2015

Crypti, a blockchain based technology that allows for the creation and deployment of custom blockchains and smart contract based applications, today announced their partnership with the new decentralized application development network, Corona, to help shape the future of the decentralized application market.

Focused on developers & improving the development cycle

Blockchain 2.0 has struggled to catch on with small indie developers due to the complexity of implementing the technology into traditional business models and industries. Through their strategic partnership, the Crypti and Corona teams hope to create a more streamlined and effective development process to help entrepreneurs and startups in the blockchain sector go from concept to deployed application with as few obstacles as possible.

As part of their partnership, the Crypti Foundation will provide personalized guidance and dedicated support to members of the Corona Dapp Network. The Crypti team will help them understand how to implement and improve their applications by using custom blockchains and smart contract technology. This partnership will also give developers in the Corona pipeline the opportunity to list their applications in the Crypti “Dapp Store” in a high-profile featured category. This special Corona section is curated by the strict selection process Corona employs, which hand picks the projects best suited for development.

“The important thing here is that we push the entire sector forward. At this point, I feel like everyone keeps building new technologies but no one seems to be using them to truly innovate. We want to see new and innovative business models and applications in the crypto sector. Corona will make that happen.”, - Matthew DC, Creative Adviser for the Crypti Foundation. The added exposure and personal relationships developed through the Corona partnership will help to push Crypti, a largely under-the-radar technology, to the forefront of the decentralized application development cycle. It will also allow for direct developer feedback on improvements and additional features that will help the Crypti network mature into a premier blockchain 2.0 technology company.

"Crypti is a perfect example of a forward looking and open-minded project that recognizes the future opportunity of blockchain technology. By collaborating with Crypti and introducing their platform to Dapp developers, in addition to helping provide funding opportunities to Crypti based Dapps, Corona aims to catalyze innovation amongst the wider development communities." - Daniel Greene, Founder, Corona Dapp Network.

About Crypti

Crypti is a blockchain 2.0 technology organization dedicated to allowing fast, easy, and cost effective deployment of decentralized applications. Crypti enables the development of custom blockchains and smart contract based agreements, in addition to hosting a custom built decentralized application store to facilitate and streamline the entire decentralized application development cycle to it’s easiest form.

About Corona

Corona is a highly collaborative platform agnostic development network promoting and funding the building of decentralized applications and services. The Corona network will accelerate adoption, increase awareness, and optimize the creation of the new decentralized web.

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Crypti & Corona Announce Strategic, Dapp Focused Partnership


The Foundation is proud to have Lisk continuing the Crypti vision.

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