Hello Community,

This week I want to show you our new website which we are working on since a few weeks. We initiated the redesign of to further develop our corporate identity and create a more uniform look for Crypti. This way developers and users will feel themselves more comfortable at any Crypti page they visit.

The new design follows the Google Material Design guidelines, the same like our client does. The new website contains much more information than our current site. The new website is still work-in-progress, that's why it will take some more weeks until we can release it.

Below you see a few parts of the new design. Only the documentation page is fully visible, the others are clips of the actual pages. You will notice that we heavily concentrate on dapps, as this is our main feature and we will promote Crypti mainly as a dapp platform.

Important! The text is only a placeholder. We will change nearly every text which is currently visible on the screenshots below!


The frontpage contains several elements like a 3-step-slider on how to deploy your own dapps, a good looking chart of dapp growth or a form to sign up for our weekly newsletter.


The features page shows Crypti's main features like dapps, the Dapp Store, sidechains and so on. Only the major features are visible here.


This page will be the #1 source for developers and users who want to know more about Crypti. We heavily concentrate on that page to have a central point for all kind of information.


With the time our client variety will grow, therefore we needed to rethink our downloads page. With the new page we can easily display the download links for the different operation systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android) and Crypti clients (Lite, Full, Web).

We really hope you like our new website design. Like I said above it takes some more weeks before we can release it. We still need to create much content and our frontend developer needs to tweak a few things on the site backend.

Next week I will publish more screenshots! You can look forward to it, see you next week.

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A First Look at our New Website


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